Trust is much like a rope. A rope is made by intertwining many strands together. The more strands -- the stronger the rope. The better-quality strands - the stronger and more dependable the rope. Trust between two people is built in the same way. Each person shares a part of their life with the other. The more they share, the stronger the tie of trust. The deeper their service, their intimacy, their sacrifice the more dependable the relationship is to withstand wear and tear through the years. A well-made rope can be used over and over - a well-made relationship is able to go through many trials.

Breaking trust is much like cutting a rope until it is no longer strong enough or safe for use. If you could watch someone cutting a rope in motion, you would see that the knife is cutting the rope one strand at a time until all the strands are cut and the rope is severed. It grows weaker and weaker until it will not hold. This is how we destroy trust with each other - one lie at a time, one harsh word at a time. Eventually all the ties that hold people together are severed.

Trust is important in our lives today.Trust is the hardest thing to produce, the easiest thing to lose and almost impossible to replace once it's gone. Trust is even more important in our spiritual lives. To guarantee that we are safe and secure God ties us to Himself through Jesus Christ - The Lord is God's rope that ties us to Himself. With Christ as our rope, we know it will never break because He never lies, always is kind and true and the one that we can always put our trust in.

I encourage you to build a strong rope (trust) in God. He will never leave you nor forsake you.


Robby Cable

Providence Church of Christ