About Us

About Us

Are you looking for a church that...

Looks to the Bible as its sole source of authority? Our goal as a church and as Christians is to find biblical authority for all that we do in service to God. We reject all man-made creeds and doctrines looking only to the Bible as our pattern of organization, work and worship.

Teaches the gospel plan of salvation? We endeavor to follow exactly what the New Testament teaches in regards to salvation. All that God commands in this matter is of eternal importance. We speak plainly and simply regarding God's plan of salvation so that all may understand.

Works and worships like the early Christians? It is important to consider that we must do what pleases God in our worship rather than doing what pleases us. We strive to worship after the pattern that is laid down in the New Testament for Christians to follow. For every thing we do, we want to find a book, chapter and verse to show that it is authorized and therefore pleasing to the Lord.

Is able to give scriptural answers to your bible questions? When you ask us a question, we'll open up the Bible to find the answer. You will never hear one of us say, "Take my word for it", when it comes to the Bible. We encourage your questions. The truth has nothing to fear from an open and honest investigation.