Mothers, What a Blessing You are!

Last Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day. The bible teaches us on how Mothers should be honored as we read in the following scriptures:

Proverbs 31:28 “Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:

Proverbs 31:31 "Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate."

Proverbs 23:22-25 Listen to your father who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old. Buy truth, and do not sell it; buy wisdom, instruction, and understanding. The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice; he who fathers a wise son will be glad in him. Let your father and mother be glad; let her who bore you rejoice."

Matthew 19:19 "Honor thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."

Mothers have a caring relationship with her children just as Christ cares for us, when we become his children. We see the comparisons made in the scriptures like,

Deuteronomy 32:11 God cares for His people as an eagle cares for His young.

Again, in Psalm 22:9-10 God cares for His people as a midwife cares for the child she has given birth to.

Isaiah 49:15 tells us that God will never forget her children, just as a mother does not forget her nursing child. God comforts His people like a nursing mother in Isaiah 66:13. And this is why God made a Mother! I ask you today to become one of God's children, obey him so that you also can find comfort from God, just as a mother comforts her crying infant.

Robby Cable

Providence Church of Christ